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Red Eye Remover Pro

Red Eye Remover Pro is a unique professional program based on advanced science-intensive technology
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15 June 2007

Editor's review

The Red Eye Remover Pro can prevent discarding perfectly good pictures due to a simple red-eye defect.
Now repairing the red-eye defect need not be a time-consuming or cumbersome process. You can use this simple, professional tool to repair the common red-eye problem caused by built-in flash in digital cameras. You could be a professional photographer or an amateur to appreciate the value of this program. It automatically detects the defective pupils and corrects them. If not, you could specify a rectangular area around the eye, where the correction is required. You could watch the photos being improvised in realtime. You could specify the correction options, change the correction strength or adjust the pupil detection. It works with the jpeg, bmp and png formats. Save time and energy by editing multiple photos at once and saving them in the form you like them.
This tool works fast and accurately to give you what should be your perfectly memorable photos.

Publisher's description

Now completely free! Red Eye Remover Pro is a must-have program for digital camera owners. Built-in flashes make red eye effect the most common problem for both professional and amateur photographers. Red Eye Remover Pro is a unique professional red eye correction tool based on advanced science-intensive technology.
Red Eye Remover Pro is able to automatically detect and instantly fix red pupils in multiple photos making batch red eye correction fast and precise. The program fixes images with just a few clicks - you just load photos with red eye into the program and Red Eye Remover Pro does the rest. Instances of red eye are effectively detected and fixed in the fully automatic mode in the vast majority of photos (the detection rate is 90%). Even if the program fails to detect all red pupils in the fully automatic mode (this can happen for instance in low-quality photos), all you need to do is select a rectangular area around the eye for the program to fix it. To achieve best results, you can adjust the correction options, and watch the results in real-time: you can make the pupil area darker or lighter to give the eye a natural look; adjust the pupil detection; or change the correction strength.
The program allows loading and saving three common image file formats (jpeg, bmp and png). It allows you to work with large collections of images at once and provides a number of saving options: you can save corrected images one by one or simultaneously; and save them to the original or new files. Red Eye Remover Pro also contains a plugin for creating thumbnails of your photos for web galleries.
Red Eye Remover Pro
Red Eye Remover Pro
Version 1.2
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User comments

Just superb! Very fast, very easy, very good result.
Works very well. Fast, intuitive, with good control over the editing of each eye detected. Virtually every eye is detected, although may need more than one pass. This is a keeper.
Great software, saved alot of work!! View all your photos from one folder and you can sort through each one, one click of your mouse and it will find the red eyes and make the correct... I just love it!!
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